Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gossip Girl S2 Ep16

Ah! It's back. Yummy goodness of a television show with promise!!

Okay, okay, so I can't say that the heartwarming Chuck-Lily scene really did much for me. And sure, I'm finding this exercise in how weird it is that Lily and Rufus are dating to be tired, tired, tired. But...

Well, let's just say the last few minutes of the show were delightful. Ms. Carr... ooh, she's fun. It's heavily implied that she's going to have an affair with Dan. Now, this isn't exactly breaking new ground for a teen tv show. (See Dawson's Creek and Life as We Know It.) But let's face it. Mary Kay Letourneau subplots are absolutely delicious. More, please! Hooray!

This will be even more fun if they don't make Dan and Serena break up. Dan should have an affair. It would be good for his boring boy image. Come on.

And...Ms. Carr versus Blair seems like a promising prospect as well. I can see it now. Just when Ms. Carr has finally beaten Blair to a bloody pulp, she discovers that Dan is screwing her. (Eee!) Blair will have to make a choice. Will she ruin Ms. Carr even if it means breaking Serena's heart? Oh, the agony. Please, please, please make this happen, oh Gossip Girl writers. Please!!!

I did NOT understand what the heck was going with Jack Bass trying to rape Lily. I mean, why would he do that. I thought he might kill her or something. That would have made sense from his perspective. And while Chuck sailing in to save the day was gallant and all... eh. This is not the stuff of television show magic.

I'm also a wee bit curious about the future of the show. I could have sworn they were setting everything up to have all the principals go to Yale in the fall. But now, with a splintered cast--Serena at Brown, Dan at Yale, Blair (probably) at Yale, Chuck running a company, Nate and Vanessa god-knows-where, and Jenny still in New York, it sounds like an unweildly way to enter a third season. If handled badly, it's a recipe for disaster that will run in the face of the premise of the show. (In the books, Cecily von Ziegesar started a new series with new characters once everyone went off to college. Please God, do not tell me that they will pull a Saved by the Bell: The New Class on Gossip Girl.)

We'll have to see if the show delivers the goods in the coming months. Who's excited? I am.




  1. I don't want a new series/new characters/whatever, college sounded like a good season 3!

    Rape is an act of violence, so it makes sense that Jack was trying to rape Lily.
    Jack was also alluding to it, calling her a whore earlier and of course Jack is probably like Chuck in his need for women fulfillment.

    The plot that you have planned out for Ms. Carr vs. Serena's heart would definitely be interesting.. but I don't want to see Ms. Carr & Dan together! ew please no.

    And wasn't Serena about to break up with Dan anyways but he ignored the call?

  2. p.s. Ms. Carr is like a freaking baby crying to Headmistress Queller after she gets tricked.
    I didn't know anyone could get in trouble for something like that I mean it's not like Ms. Carr had to go or anything.