Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gossip Girl Se2 Ep15

Since the board of education has apparently lost its mind and decided to cancel school today (when the snow on the ground doesn't even cover the grass) I surprisingly and luckily have the day off. I'm working on the first draft of the sequel to Breathless, my YA romance-thriller. It's tentatively called Trembling. Anyway, I'm feeling a little like a break, having penned about 3500 words this morning. So...I thought I'd post a blog. I imagine this is a little like what it must be to be a real, published writer, since they're always posting blogs instead of writing, much to my chagrin.

For the topic of this blog, I'd like to discuss this week's episode of Gossip Girl. GG's one of my guilty pleasures, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. When it's good, it's Dangerous Liasons good, and when it's bad, it reminds me of the giddy excitement I used to feel watching the original 90210 television show. (Oh, I should warn you not to read this if you aren't caught up with GG, as I will be talking in detail about plot points.)

Soo...after the winter hiatus, I was slathering at the mouth for more of this show. The last few minutes of the show before Christmas were insane. When Rufus asked Lily, "Is it a boy or a girl?" my mouth dropped open. I was stunned., things on the show seem to be falling apart a little bit. Okay, so Dan and Serena are freaked out that they share a sibling. Why? It's not like they're related or anything. Admittedly, I can see how it would be a little weird. But it doesn't seem to me like a good reason to break up. In all honesty, Dan is the most boring character anyway. I liked him last season, but I'm kind of over his whole nice boy act. I want Dan to do something bad. He's boring, for God's sake. On the other hand, so's Serena. Even considering her bad girl past, she doesn't seem to do anything remotely interesting anymore.

What I want is more crazy Jenny!! God, it was awesome when she was going to divorce her parents are become a fashion designer. Why did the show decide to resolve that story line so neatly? Jenny is boring now that she's back at school.

In fact, everyone's kind of boring right now. Chuck isn't going through his tortured bad boy with a soft side for Blair phase anymore. Or...maybe he is and always will be, but I have to admit that he's much more attractive when he doesn't look quite so coiffed. I want more Chuck with uncombed hair please. Jesus, last week when he was drunk on top of the building and his hair was all crazy in the wind... Oh my God. Sooo hot. And Blair was so sweet to him.

But. Blair's not sweet!!

It doesn't work for her. I was glad when she threw the flowers back into the elevator with Chuck. I ached for her. It was awful that she trust Chuck and he betrayed her, but I mean, come on, it's Chuck Bass. If she's going to love him, she's going to have to do by being herself, not by being sweet. And Blair is a bitch. Which I why I love her. More bitchy Blair, please!!!

Back to Serena and Dan. I'm not sure how this is going to play out. I think it's going to be weird if Lily and Rufus are together and Serena and Dan are together. Weird, sure. But is it going to be must-see-tv? Something, something, something needs to happen. Something big!

Generally, Gossip Girl does not let me down when I want these things, so I'm just going to keep watching.

*As a side note, I do want to point out that I have read some of the original novels that the tv series was based on, and sacreligiously, I like the tv show better!*

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