Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I have finished the first episode of Poisonlands.

I have never been so proud of myself for writing something in my life.


(Does this mean my writer's block is cured?? Please God, say yes.)

So, a little about the idea behind Poisonlands. It's really intended to be a web serial, in the truest sense of the world. It revolves around about eleven beats or episodes, all of which are broken into four parts. Posting two parts a week, it will take two weeks to get through one episode.

This means that the first "season" of Poisonlands should run for about 22 weeks or 5 1/2 months. MUCH longer than the books in the J & A trilogy, which are currently running about two months to completely serialize.

Probably, I will sell the episodes individually, for .99 a pop. This may not work--after all, it didn't for Stephen King. So, I'm toying with how to make the entire season available. I don't plan to publish it in print, and I'm not sure if people would pay like $9 for an ebook???

If it takes off, and if I can conceivably play about in this world long enough, there will be more seasons.

Anyway, yay me. I plan to reward myself in some fashion, probably by using food. Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving to all!


  1. Im so happy for u! I have been having success with my book as. I just got 200 pages and its my first book so Im really proud of myself. I was hoping that I could send it to u when it is finished to get ur opinion?! That would mean a lot to me.

  2. Jshorty--Weeell, I can promise to read the first 20 pages. If I like it, I'll probably keep reading. Send me an email at when you're done and have given it a first go at revision. We can talk more then. :)

    But concentrate on finishing it first!! And congrats on getting so far on your first book. That's quite an accomplishment. Yay, you! :P

    Happy Thanksgiving yourself :)