Friday, September 11, 2009

Last night's CW Premiere Night

The Vampire Diaries: I had high hopes for this, mainly because of Kevin Williamson's involvement. I am a big fan of Scream and early Dawson's Creek. So, I thought that if anyone could take the hella awful source material (sorry L. J. , but how DID you get published? Yecch.) and spin it into gold, it would be him.

I'll be tuning in next week just to see if I'm wrong, but so far, no dice, Kev.

Elena is sympathetic, but she's boring. I hated Elena in the book because she was a stuck-up B-I-T-C-H who didn't seem to really care about her dead parents--just making sure she nabbed Stefan. She treated him more like a notch on her belt, too, not like a real love interest. I hated her. But this sobby, I'm-saving-my-druggy-brother, brown-haired, doe-eyed, sugary-sweet Elena is kind of making me want to wretch.

Course, I'm not so big on Stefan either, who is the pansy-est pansy who ever lived. At least they're sticking to the book's guns and keeping it so that not drinking human blood makes him weak. I like that.

No, as I guess I predicted, the only bright spot of the show is Ian Somerhaulder, who plays the bad guy--a smouldering hot, smirking bad guy who I would just love to try to win to the light side. Mmmm.

Since that's unlikely to happen, I'm giving this show four episodes. If I don't love it by then (or if I can at least stand it), I'll keep watching. If not...I'm not going to bother.

Supernatural: This really wasn't great either. Honestly, I thought the show was going somewhere daring at the end of last season. I thought that they were really going to toy with the idea of using evil to fight evil. My prediction was that Sam was Lucifer, and that this season would be an interesting battle within Sam--perhaps with Sam's humanity infecting Lucifer and changing him. That's a story arc I would have tuned in for.

I'm tuning in for this one too, don't get me wrong. I'm pretty sure this will be the last season of Supernatural, and that's a good thing, because it's losing its focus and morphing into something strange.

I'm just sick of Dean being so self-righteous. Cut Sam a break, okay? You treat him like your dumb kid brother, and he doesn't deserve that. This whole, "I can't trust you anymore" crap was annoying.

Plus, what the heck was up with Castiel basically implying that God had brought him back to life and transported Sam and Dean onto the plane? God? Really?

You know, what I used to like about this show was the fact that there was evil, and that was that. There was no duality. (Kind of like the Buffyverse, actually.) Why can't people leave a good thing alone? I mean Whedon had to go all, powers that be on us in Angel. And now, Supernatural is talking about interference from God?! Really?!


All I can say is this: The True Blood finale had better not suck.


  1. Dear Valerie, I was wondering if you got my entry for your dress competition. I hope I got the email address right and it sent to you.

    - Olivia

  2. why yes, I did. :) Thank you so much for entering!!

  3. um just a question..
    im all the way in new zealand and i am in the middle of reading trembling..
    my question is is Tortured the next book?
    and how do we buy a hard copy of the book to be sent to new zealand and how do we get it posted over?

    sorry about all the questions =]

    from michelle

  4. Tortured is the next book. It's not in print yet. But for international sales, your best bet is Amazon. Here are the links for both Breathless and Trembling: