Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The WebFic Serial

After I'm finished serializing Breathless and its sequels, I think what I might want to do is a real, honest-to-goodness series, approached kind of like a television show. I want to outline in detail about five or six seasons and then post two updates per week of about ten pages. I'm thinking of making every four updates encompass an "episode" or a story arc, which would amount to about the same number of pages one might write for an hour-long TV show, which usually averages between 40-45 minutes (after you take out the commercials.)

The question, though, is what will it be about???

I know I want it be teen-oriented. I know I want it to be a bit on the angsty side. I think I want it to be supernatural.

I really feel like in a long serial story like this, the plot is a little throw-away-y. What I mean is that I didn't watch Buffy for seven years because it had vampires. I started watching it because it had vampires. I came back because of the characters and themes, which were stellar. So...to that end, it's not entirely important what I pick, exactly, but I do need something cool.

I will NEVER write ANYTHING about vampires. EVER. (Unless I come up with something really, really, really cool that has never been done before, and I really feel like everything cool has been done.)

My current thoughts:
Mystery stories/teen detective

Any of the following at a boarding school

Any of the following involving really rich people

I'm somewhat partial to the idea of werewolves. I think werewolves get short shrift these days, usually playing second fiddle in vampire stories. It might be fun to write something about standalone werewolves. But...i dunno. Werewolves tend to get a little messy, what with the going nuts at a full moon and hurting people. Plus, it's annoying--unless you mess with the mythology--because they're only werewolves during the full moon, and that really limits the way you set up your story.

Other than that, nothing's really standing out to me. I know I'm just going to have to let this marinate, but it's annoying, because I have tons of energy right now. I'm really excited about the project. I really want to work on it. But I need an idea first!!

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